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Spam Filtering

No Software | No Hardware | No Administrative Tasks

  • Spam filtering technology is based on submissions of 'known' spam emails.
  • Networked with thousands of systems around the world which send 'trapped' spam messages to a central server.
  • Trapped messages are compiled into a master database
  • Every message entering our Gateway is matched against the master database.
  • Our spam blocker filters out all known spam and viruses before they are sent to you.
  • Anti-Virus and spam protection happens behind the scenes.
  • On average, our 'known' spam database contains over 1 million messages.
  • Entire process takes less than one second, so there is no delay in receiving your email.

We also become a backup solution for your domains email.

If your server (or ISP's mail server) ever goes offline, we will keep retrying delivery of your messages for 7 days.


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