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Outbound Email Relay Service

Outbound Email Relay is an “ADD-ON” Service to Spam-Filter.com's Spam-Filtering Service.

Outbound email relay is beneficial for the following situations:

  • All messages are delivered using 128bit TLS Encryption (if receiving server negotiates TLS).
  • If you’re concerned that your outbound mailserver has become blacklisted or is vulnerable to being blacklisted.
  • For travelers on the road, whose company does not provide a server that allows remotely authenticated relaying.
  • If your ISP blocks outgoing SMTP port 25 to prevent you from sending emails.
  • The service provides a secure, authenticated outbound SMTP relay server, operating both on standard and non-standard ports. The service can be also used as a Smart Host for your MS Exchange server if you are currently having problems sending emails to AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail addresses.
  • Our mailserver authenticates incoming emails by username & password, which we’ll provide for your account.
  • If your Exchange server has no reversed DNS or has dynamic IP resulting in sent emails being rejected, you can use our mail server as Smart Host for your Mail Exchanger.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Maximum message size is 125 MB.


$10/month for 1000 relays per day
(Add $10/month for each additional 1000 relays per day)

(5000 relays per day is max allowed)

One "relay" is counted for each recipient of a message you send. That is, one message sent to 30 recipients, counts as 30 "relays." 30 different messages, each sent to only one recipient, also counts as 30 "relays."

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