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Mail Viewer Service

Mail Viewer is an "ADD-ON" Service which allows you to review all 'legitimate email' sent to your mailserver over the past 7-days. In addition to reviewing your 'spam messages' on our server, you also have the option to review your 'legitimate messages'.

What are the benefits?

  1. If your mailserver is down, you can continue to receive (review) your incoming email (via web-browser).
  2. If your mailserver crashes, you can restore all of your email for your entire company from the past 7 days.
  3. If your computer crashes, you can restore just 'your' email messages from the past 7 days.
  4. If a message was accidentally deleted from your computer, you can receive the original email again.

*For no extra charge, we can increase the length of archived mail beyond 7-days until your server is back online (up-to two weeks).


Entire Domain only $10/mo Add Mail Viewer Service Order Now! (Login Required)

Existing Spam-Filter account required to use Mail Viewer Service.

Not already a customer? Click here to get an account.

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